Windows and cash desks

Our cash desks can be used i. a.: in banks, bureaus, consulates, pawnshops, post offices, hospitals, theatres and in all other places where security of life and property is needed. The can be made with aluminium constructions, pvc, steel and bulletproof. It depends of our client desire and threat levels.

In our windows we assemble anti-burglary glass, bulletproof glass, one-way mirrors and other things from our wide offer. Cash desks can be made from natural stone, marble conglomeration, wood, stainless steel, PVC and other materials.

Cash scoops are made from stainless steel grinded or polished with sizes which provide great comfort and security for its users.
Optionally cash desks can be equip with intercom which allows for connection between client and staff member.

Depending on your needs, we make bullet resistant kiosk and transaction windows:
• according to dimensions specified by the Buyer,
• in any color from the RAL palette
• bullet resistant kiosk,
• with various types of transaction trays,
• with certified bulletproof and antiburglary glass which have CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY,


Our specialists provide professi onal assistance and advice in terms of selecting the right security products.


Due to the use of various materials during production process, the color of the structure and filling may differ from each other.