Windows and cash desks

Complete cash desks manufactured by MEGAL can be made according to the measurements provided by the Customer.


Windows and cash desks have a wide range of applications. First and foremost they serve as a security measure in e.g. ticket offices, banks, consulates, exchange offices, pawnshops, post offices, hospitals; in summary everywhere it is necessary to maintain the highest standard of safety of life and property.


Cash desks and windows can be made of aluminum, PVC, steel, as well as bulletproof structures. It all depends on the needs of the Customer and the level of threat we are dealing with.


Windows and cash desks – production


Cash desks and windows are made with anti-burglary glass, bulletproof glass, Venetian mirrors, as well as a wide cross-section of other, specialized glazing; all of them are avaiable in our offer.


The cash scoops offered by MEGAL are made of polished stainless steel in fixed dimensions. They allow for a convenient transfer of A4 documents, as well as small items, such as jewelry, keys, pin-pads, or even weapons. Counters can also be equipped with functional wired intercoms which ensure connectivity and improve the quality of communication between the individuals. 


We make anti-burglary cash desks and windows in classes P4A-P8B,as well as  bulletproof ones (both the frame and glass are bulletproof – a complete bulletproof product) in classes FB3 – FB7 according to PN-EN 1522: 2000.


It is worth mentioning that cash desks and windows are a complete product. In order to install it, you only need to screw it to the wall. As a result the window can be easily dismantled and installed in a new place if needed. 


Cash desks and windows – price


MEGAL offers cashs desks and windows made with individual measurements, as well as ready-made immediately ones available through our online store (only in Poland):


The price of a cash desk made to order depends on the measurements provided by the Customer, as well as materials used for production. Our specialists are able to pre-estimate the costs of production of cash desks based on the details provided by the Customer. 


Why do we need cash desks and windows?


To answer this question: a safe cash desk should be used everywhere, where there is a high risk of bulgrary, and threat to life or property, e.g. banking facilities, exchange offices, or pawn shops.


Cash windows equipped with special countertops are a great solution nowadays, when we have to adapt many processes to the sanitary rigors imposed on us by the pandemic. MEGAL’s products effectively protect against contact between people, which allows maintaining the required social distancing rules.


Easy care


If any dirt appears on the surface of the cash desks window frames, it can be easily removed with lukewarm water with the addition of and standard cleaning products. Do not use scouring powders, sharp wire brushes, or solvent-based agents.


To clean the marble conglomerate countertop, use mild liquids with washing and degreasing properties. Varnished cash scoops and window frames should be cleaned with lukewarm water and typical cleaning products. Cash scoops made of stainless steel should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth with the addition of a liquid with washing properties. In case of more difficult stains, remove them with an organic solvent or lead-free gasoline.


Cleaning agents that contain hydrochloric acid should be avoided. Using them can damage the passive layer and cause the 


All our cash desks have countertops with cash scoops in accordance with the requirements. Countertops can be made of natural stone, marble conglomerates, stainless steel, PVC, as well as many other materials.




Our specialists provide professional assistance and advice in terms of selecting the right security products.

MEGAL produces bullet resistant cash desks and windows:

• based on the measurements specified by the Client,
• in any color from the RAL palette
• equipped in security locks,
• with various types of cash scoops and trays,
• with certified bulletproof and anti-burglary glass (CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY).



Due to the use of various materials during production process, the color of the structure and filling may differ from each other.