Anti-burglary windows

Windows used in the house should provide very good sound insulation, optimally protect us from water and wind, but also ensure the safety of household members. Burglarproof windows manufactured by us meet all these criteria, effectively protecting our house against intruders. In our offer we have both standard window joinery and professional windows with increased resistance to burglary. Statistically, most burglaries occur through ground floor windows as well as those on the first floor of a building. Therefore, this critical point of our house should be properly secured.

The most important advantage of anti-burglary windows, right after protecting our life and property, is that the windows are quite a surprise. Visually they do not differ from standard windows but they are an effective barrier for burglars. Any attempt to break through anti-burglary windows will result in significant fatigue of the attacker and will cause noise that will not go unnoticed by neighbors or people in the vicinity of our house or apartment.

Burglarproof windows effectively replace traditional ‘security’ such as roller blinds or bars. The blinds are a great way to inform everyone that you are not at home at the moment, while the bars are not very practical and look unattractive in the windows. The basis of every burglar-proof window is the profile from which they are made. It is the so-called frame and must guarantee the window’s resistance to forcing. The profile used by our company has a closed steel reinforcement, the thickness of which is selected each time according to the size of the window, thanks to which the structure is strengthened to ensure the appropriate strength and rigidity of the window.

Anti-burglary glass in classes P4A to P8B according to PN-EN 356:2000 make it difficult to break the glass and get inside. Resistance to multiple hits, even a few-kilogram hammer or axe, can effectively deter the burglar and thus protect our house or apartment.

Glass with enhanced resistance to penetration when struck
Glass standardThe glazing resistance to usual destructive factorsGroup
Type of factorAmount of hitsInteraction
Height of fall (m)
steel ball
( 4,1 kg weight)
free fall of the ball on the surface og glass in frame1,5
Safety glass
Glass with increased protection to burglary
Axe ( 2 kg weight)20-30
More than 70
Cutting a hole with an axe. The energy of single hit is beetwen 300-350 J.

Elements of the window fitting must be permanently screwed to the profiles at distances strictly determined by the profile system and effectively protect the window sash against balancing it from the frame. Number of anti-balance elements is selected each time according to the size of the ordered window. A glazing bead joined to the sash protects the glazing in the sash against balancing and forcing it inside the room.

An important element of anti-burglary windows is a key-locked handle, which is equipped with a patented locking mechanism that will prevent the window hardware from moving from the outside and prevent the window from opening even after time-consuming forcing the glass.

Over 40 years of experience in the field of anti-burglary and bulletproof security has resulted in the effectiveness of the windows produced and innovative solutions. The class and level of security are selected depending on the nature of the protected facility and the burglary risk assessment.

We make anti-burglary windows of any size and shape. The variety of colors and veneers gives numerous possibilities of perfect combinations according to individual customer requirements and a guarantee that it will fit into any interior design.

All windows produced by us are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.