Bulletproof glass

MEGAL has over 40 years of experience in security technology and production of bulletproof joinery. Our bulletproof glass ensures safety in various types of buildings and vehicles. Thoroughly tested and made with only the best materials, our products exceed the expectations of even the most demanding users.


Bulletproof glass: ballistic classes from BR2 to BR7


Our bulletproof glass is a specialized ballistic resistant glass designed to protect the life and health of its users. Thanks to their high quality and versatility, MEGAL’s glass panes are widely used where it’s crucial to ensure  the safety of users and material goods. Our company offers glass in all classes of resistance to penetration to gun fire, from class BR2 to BR7.


We issue a certificate confirming the class  of each glass producted according to The European Standard EN 1063:2002. Bulletproof glass must first and foremost shield and protect human life or their valuables. This is why we certify the quality of our products by regular and meticulous testing.


Bulletproof glass – properties and purpose


Our bulletproof glass has a wide variety of usage in e.g. banks, exchange offices, pawnshops, jewelers – so basically everywhere, where there is a high risk of gun robbery or burglary. Bulletproof glass panes can be installed in outside windows, storefronts, doors, or counters.


Our bulletproof counters have an increased protection for burglary, and an enhanced resistance to penetration when struck with big ram or axe. They are an extremly durable investment that ensures the highest level of safety for years to come.


Classification and requirements for studies with firearms and rifles according to PN-EN 1522 and PN-EN 1063.


Classification and requirements for studies with firearms and rifles according to PN-EN 1522 and PN-EN 1063
Wg PN-EN 1522Wg PN-EN 1063WeaponCaliberTypeWeight [g]Range [m]Velocity [m/s]
FB1BR1Spot rifle22LRLead bullet, round nose2,610360
9mmFull metal jacket, cone bullet, soft core (lead)85400
FB3BR3Colt revolver0.357 MagnumFull metal jacket, cone bullet, soft core (lead)10,25430
0.44 MagnumFull metal jacket, flat nose, soft core (lead)15,65440
FB5BR5M16 rifle5,56 x 45Full metal jacket, pointed bullet, soft core (lead & steel penetrator)45950
5,56 x 45
7,62 x 51
Full metal jacket, pointed bullet, soft core (lead & steel penetrator)9,510830
FB7BR7SWD7,62 x 51RFull metal jacket, pointed bullet, hard core, steel hardness > 63 HRC9,810820


Bulletproof glass may also be assembled with thermal insulation glass, reflective glass or fireproof glass.


To be given a particualr rating, the glazing (dimension 500 x 500 mm) must stop the bullet three times, with multiple strikes placed within 125 mm of each other.


We can split the glazing into two groups: “NS” are bulletproof and also shatterproof, while “S” are only bulletproof.


Blast Resistant Glazing


Our offer also includes special armored glass resistant to detonation waves. Glass that is resistant to the pressure of a detonation wave is usually used in places with greater chance of threat like terrorist attack. However, it can also successfully protect from weather cataclysm like strong hurricanes or hailstorms.


The classification of products is established in accordance to the requirements set in the Polish Standard PN-EN 13541.



The strenght and resistance of our glass can be proved by Product Certificate issued to us by The Polish Anartctic Academy of Science after we assembled our windows in H. Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station on King Jerry Island.


Bulletproof glass – the most important attributes


  • Versatility of use – armored glass works well in banks, exchange offices, pawn shops, jewelry stores, as well as homes and special vehicles. It ensures effective protection of human health and life, as well as material goods. Bulletproof glass will also protect antique and exhibition items, as well as separate animals in zoos.
  • The highest level of protection – results from the use of the latest technological solutions. All bulletproof glass available in our offer is carefully tested and has appropriate certificates.
  • The highest resistance – not only against bullets, but also burglaries and hits with an ax or other sharp tools. Our offer also includes glass resistant to detonation waves. The quality of our glass panes ensures the infallibility of protection against the risk of breaking or breaking our bulletproof glass in any way.
  • Two groups of glass available for our customers – allow us to meet the needs of the most demanding users: “NS” bulletproof and also shatterproof, and bulletproof “S”.





We also offer bulletproof window.