Bulletproof glass

Our glass counters have wide wariety of usage ing banks, exchange offices, pawnshops, jewelers and in every other place where it’s greater chance for gun robbery or burglary.
We can assemble them in windows, doors, transaction windows and showcases.

Bulletproof counters have also increased protection for burglary, enhanced resistance to penetration when struck with big ram or axe. Bulletproof glass may also be assembled with thermal insulation glass, reflective glass or fireproof glass.

Armoured counters build from glass should first of all protect human lives and values they think of as important, that’s why our products are made with very high quality, which is proved by certificates.


Classification and requirements for studies with firearms and rifles according to PN-EN 1522 and PN-EN 1063.

Blast Resistant Glazing

Blas resistant glass is usually used in places with greater chance of threat like terrorist attack.
They can also set a protection from weather cataclysm like strong hurricanes.

The resistance of our windows is proved by Certificate of Choice given us by Anartctic Polish Academy of Science. This certificate was give to us, after we assembled our windows in H. Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station on king Jerry Island.


In our product range, we also offer bulletproof window.