Bulletproof windows

Over 40 years of experience in security technology and production of bulletproof joinery has resulted in modern solutions and production technologies used. Our products have international certificates of the Institute of Precision Mechanics, the Institute of Glass and Ceramics and the Institute of Construction Technology.


Bulletproof products manufactured by MEGAL are widely used in public utility buildings, courts, police stations, prisons, military facilities, banks, currency exchange offices, etc.

We produce various types of covers, partitions, windows, doors and shop windows with the use of bulletproof structures in classes from FB3 to FB7 accoring to PN-EN 1522:2000


We offer glass panes:

  • bulletproof: resistant to the penetration of a bullet, classes from BR2 to BR7 (can be also shatter proof)
  • anti-burglary: with increased resistance to puncture and shattering in classes from P4A to P8B,
  • with increased resistance to the pressure of a detonation wave. 

MEGAL produces steel and aluminium joinery. 

Our bullet-proof aluminium windows can be produced in two classes: FB3 and FB6. These windows are certified with the 2nd grade of anti-burglary RC2 class.


Steel joinery is produced in classes: FB3, FB4, FB6 and F7. 


We use shatter, shatter-proof, and blast resistant glazing on our doors and windows, as well as fittings with a higher degree of anti-burglary protection.