Glass partitions

The shutters and partitions produced by our company are used to limit direct contact with the customer. 
We offer safe, free-standing windows and glass partitions for beauty salons, customer service bureaus , outer office,  wherever there is direct contact with the contractor. Thus, providing comfort and safety to both employees and customers. 
They can be placed directly on the top of existing desks or tables without the need to install additional countertops. 
The screens and partitions are resistant to damage and at the same time do not limit the visibility. They are made of aluminum and glass, which is why they are easy to clean, while also providing the ability for daily disinfection.  
They enable the safe exchange of documents, cash or other goods. Stable and aesthetically made, make them ideal fit into any interior. 
The assembly and disassembly of the partition or barrier is extremely easy and fast.  
Depending on your needs, we make custom-made windows according to the dimensions specified by the Buyer.